Mike O’Shea has launched a guide service on the California Delta.

Mike O’Shea recently launched a new website to promote his new Guide Service on the California Delta!

From BassFan.com – O’Shea showing the way 7/12/2010

Former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike O’Shea has launched a guide service on the California Delta.

“What I love most is tournament fishing and teaching fishing,” he said. “I get such joy and satisfaction from teaching tips and techniques that I’ve learned in 30-plus years of tournament bass fishing. Hiring a guide not only can show you the right way to approach many on-the-water situations, but can improve your confidence in your ability to catch fish.”

As part of his service, he’ll also evaluate his clients’ equipment and give advice on future purchases for specific applications.

“Let’s face it, in the beginning we all are guilty of purchasing and wasting money on insufficient rods and reels that were wrong for a specific technique, and tackle boxes are filled with lures that just look good and never get used.”

You can learn more at his website, CalDeltaGuide.com. Designed by Steve Adams of 316 Design

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